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July 2017

Brandnew paper "Strong epistatic and additive effects of linked candidate SNPs for Drosophila pigmentation have implications for analysis of genome-wide association studies results" now out in Genome Biology:
Link to publication [Link 1]

July 2017

Our PhD students are organising the course "Experimental Evolution: From theory to practice" in November 2017.
Link to course [Link 2]

June 2017

Congratulations to Neda Barghi and Kathrin Otte who each won a "Bright Spark" award! Vetmeduni's "Start-up Bright Spark" programme supports preliminary research of junior scientists in view of future applications for third-party/start-up funding. The funded projects are "The physiological and stress metabolome of natural populations of Drosophila simulans" (K. Otte) and "Investigating the fitness of evolving populations of Drosophila simulans through competition assay" (N. Barghi)

June 2017

Our institute is joining the Vetmeduni's Open Day. Find us at the fruit fly evolution booth and at the Science Cafe. Link to video teaser [Link 3]
Link to Open Day [Link 4]

June 2017

Congratulations to Barbara Horvath-Ellis! She recently defended her PhD thesis: "The genetic and phenotypic basis of adaptive developmental and reproductive traits in Drosophila melanogaster".

May 2017

New paper by Neda Barghi, Ray Tobler, Viola Nolte and Christian Schlötterer: "Drosophila simulans: A Species with Improved Resolution in Evolve and Resequence Studies". Link to publication [Link 5]

May 2017

Congratulations to Dominik Schrempf on his successful PhD defense entitled "Discrete multivariate boundary mutation models and their application to tree inference". 

April 2017

The yearly Scientific Advisory Board meeting featuring presentations and feedback sessions for our PhD students took place from April 19 to 21. On April 22 we joined the March for Science in Vienna. More details here [Link 6]

April 2017

Congratulations to graduate alumnus Ray Tobler on his first Nature paper! Link to publication [Link 7]

January 2017

New paper out by Kathrin Otte and Christian Schlötterer: "Polymorphism-aware protein databases – a pre-requisite for an unbiased proteomic analysis of natural populations" (Molecular Ecology Resources). Link to publication [Link 8]

January 2017

Congratulations to Robert Kofler to his FWF grant "Dynamics of a Natural Transposable Element Invasion in Experimentally Evolving Populations".

December 2016

Alumnus Tom Hill received one of the prestigious excellence awards for outstanding dissertations, bestowed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, for his thesis entitled "Hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila simulans, caused by a rapid global invasion of the P-element". Congratulations!

December 2016

On December 2nd we met for this year's Xmas event. Everyone acted as Secret Santa mug-painter for a colleague, followed by dinner at a microbrewery. We’ll swap the creative and beautiful ceramic mugs during a get-together before the Christmas break.

November 2016

Congratulations to postdoc Kathrin Otte for her DFG research fellowship entitled "Evolution of the Drosophila simulans proteome in response to adaptation to a novel temperature environment".

November 2016

New publication in Heredity: S. Franssen, R. Kofler and C. Schlötterer: "Uncovering the genetic signature of quantitative trait evolution with replicated time series data". Link to publication [Link 9]

November 2016

Our institute won both categories (age classes below/above 35) for this year's ranking of highest citation numbers at non-clinical institutes of the University! Congratulations to Susanne Franssen and Christian Schlötterer! Link to news [Link 10]

November 2016

80 international participants at the "Mind The Gap 5" meeting, organised by our PhD students. Link to event [Link 11]

October 2016

Congratulations to Ágnes Jónás on her successful PhD thesis defense: "Inferring evolutionary trajectories from time series data". 

October 2016

"Reconstruction of haplotype-blocks selected during experimental evolution" explained by S. Franssen, N. Barton and C. Schlötterer in Molecular Biology and Evolution. Link to publication [Link 12]

October 2016

This year's retreat led us to Altaussee for talks, networking and socialising. Link to group foto [Link 13]

October 2016

Congratulations to our PhD student Juraj Bergmann [Link 14] for receiving Erasmus and Vetmeduni grants for a 6-month research stay at the University of Sussex.


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