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Any questions concerning degree programmes or university courses?

Please write an e-mail to the contact persons of the Vice-Rector for Study Affairs and Clinical Veterinary Medicine [Link 1] (see also right box "studies").

Is your pet sick? Do you have a veterinary emergency?

Please contact by phone the appropriate bodies in the animal hospital. The contact details can be found in the info box on the right "Special Request" - Emergencies

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University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
Veterinaerplatz 1, 1210 Vienna, Austria

T +43 1 25077-0
F +43 1 25077-1090

How to reach the Vetmeduni Vienna [Link 2]


Special Requests


Please address any questions relating to study or to the admission procedure directly to the Vice-Recorate for Study Affairs. [Link 3]


In the event of a veterinary emergency please telephone us under the appropriate number:
companion animals: +43 1 25077-5555
horses: +43 1 25077-5520
farm animals: +43 1 25077-5232


At present we are not able to respond to applications for employment that are addressed to us, except when they are submitted in response to a vacancy notice. Current vacancies at the Vetmeduni Vienna are given on the page
Positions available [Link 4] (in german language)





Bei Fragen rund ums Studium bzw. zur Aufnahme als Studierende wenden Sie sich bitte an: E-Mail senden bei Fragen zur Zulassung [Link ]


Bei veterinärmedizinischen Notfällen wenden Sie sich bitte telefonisch an uns:
Small Animals: +43 1 25077-5555
Horses: +43 1 25077-5520
Farm Animals: +43 1 25077-5232
Weitere Informationen für PatientenbesitzerInnen [Link 5]


Unverlangt eingesendete Bewerbungen (Initiativbewerbungen) können derzeit nicht bearbeitet werden. Freie Stellen an der Vetmeduni Vienna finden Sie auf der Seite Stellenangebote [Link ].