Press Releases 2014

A lot or a little – Wolves discriminate quantities better than dogs [Link 1]
The bloody truth – How blood donations can save animal’s lives [Link 2]
Love at first smell: Can birds choose mates by their odors? [Link 3]
Going against the flow – Targeting bacterial motility to combat disease [Link 4]
Bad news for kids – Parents do not defend their offspring at all cost [Link 5]
The power of the power nap – Scientists uncover secrets of hibernation [Link 6]
High-speed evolution in the lab – Geneticists evaluate cost-effective genome analysis [Link 7]
An unexpected bonus – blocking STAT3 could help cancer patients in two ways [Link 8]
Link between breast implants and cancer under investigation [Link 9]
Investigating the “underground” habitat of Listeria bacteria [Link 10]
Lymphatic fluid used for first time to detect bovine paratuberculosis [Link 11]
Piglet health: A better understanding of the immune response to intestinal parasites [Link 12]
Scientists uncover why major cow milk allergen is actually allergenic [Link 13]
Do women and men ride differently? [Link 14]
“Light pollution” may affect love lives of birds in the Viennese Forests [Link 15]
Marmoset sequence sheds new light on primate biology and evolution [Link 16]
Scientists developed new technology for the diagnosis of cancer cells [Link 17]
Some dogs and cats prone to sunburn [Link 18]
Three parents and a baby - Scientists advise caution with regard to artificial insemination method [Link 19]
Foaling mares are totally relaxed – no stress [Link 20]
Press release 06-05-2014 - Scientists discover the basis of allergic reactions [Link 21]
Press release 06-03-2014 - Breaking down barriers [Link 22]
Press release 05-30-2014 - One cell's meat is another cell's poison [Link 23]
Press release 05-27-2014 - The secret cargo of mosquitoes [Link 24]
Press release 05-23-2014 - The protective milk shot [Link 25]
Press release 05-16-2014 - Cause of death established – Chamois had pneumonia [Link 26]
Press release 05-12-2014 - Research project on the safe use of botanicals [Link 27]
Press release 05-09-2014 - Life on Cheese [Link 28]
Press release 05-05-2014 - New cause of high blood pressure and heart disease discovered [Link 29]
Press release 05-02-2014 - MERS coronavirus can be transmitted from camel to man [Link 30]
Press release 04-29-2014 - Stress research in therapy dogs reveals animals’ needs [Link 31]
Press release 04-11-2014 - The taming of the shrew [Link 32]
Press release 04-04-2014 - Loneliness impacts DNA repair [Link 33]
Press release 04-01-2014 - Dog watch [Link 34]
Press release 03-21-2014 - Pathogens in Cheese [Link 35]
Press release 03-04-2014 - Hot on the trail of cellular metabolism [Link 36]
Press release 02-25-2014 - The importance of (experimental) design [Link 37]
Press release 02-20-2014 - Saving lemurs from extinction [Link 38]
Press release 02-17-2014 - In search of lost genes [Link 39]
Press release 02-04-2014 - A healthy balance [Link 40]
Press release 01-30-2014 - Teaching young wolves new tricks [Link 41]
Press release 01-23-2014 - Choose you love [Link 42]
Press release 01-17-2014 - Here comes the sun [Link 43]
Press release 01-02-2014 - Under pressure [Link 44]