Award: Wolfgang Denk-Award for Josef Singer

Josef Singer receives the „Wolfgang Denk-Award“ of the Austrian Society for Hematology and Oncology (OeGHO) 2016

On occasion of the joint annual meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss societies for hematology and medical oncology in Leipzig (14-18 October 2016), Dr. Josef Singer was selected for the work "Proof of concept study with HER-2 mimotope anticancer vaccine deduced from A novel AAV-mimotope library platform". [Link 1]

In April 2016 it has been published in the top journal" OncoImmunology ". The work was developed under supervision of Prof. Erika Jensen-Jarolim, Comparative Medicine of the MFI ( [Link 2] [Link ]

The Wolfgang Denk-Price of the OeGHO was created in memory of the surgeon and founder of the Austrian Cancer Research Institute Wolfgang Denk (1882-1970). Every year the price is awarded for scientific work in the field of clinical oncology. Dr. Josef Singer researched under the guidance of Prof. Erika Jensen-Jarolim at the Institute for Pathophysiology and Allergy Research at MedUni Vienna, and is now working as an assistant physician at the Landesklinikum Krems in Lower Austria.

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Book: Comparative Medicine

In 2014 the book "Comparative Medicine - Anatomy and Physiology“ was published under the editorship of Erika Jensen-Jaorlim by Springer. With today 20,000 downloads it belongs to the top 25% of most often downloaded within Springer eBook Collection.
Erika Jensen-Jarolim represents the ipa- adjunct professor for Comparative Medicine to the  interuniversity Messerli Research Institute.
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