Young Scientists

The promotion of young talents is very important to the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. The university focus on the systematic support of young academics as a central and visible cornerstone of its profile. In this context, special emphasis is placed on expanding funding and training for young scientists. The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna aims to optimise tried-and-tested methods from the beginning of studies to the post-doc phase.

Scientific Career Scheme of the Vetmeduni Vienna for download (in German, PDF, 301 KB) [Link 1]



Website of the PhD programme of the Vetmeduni Vienna [Link 2]


Postdoc Programme

The Postdoc (PD) programme of the Vetmeduni Vienna aims to provide a state of the art training for PDs, which takes advantage of the diversity of clinical and non-clinical research expertise of the Vetmeduni Vienna. In particular the combination of clinical and non-clinical research is viewed as an excellent career opportunity of the PDs.



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Career scheme (in German)


Thesis Opportunities


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