Internship Programme Equine Medicine (University Course)

The one-year Internship Programme for equine medicine was designed to provide young veterinarians with the possibility of enhancing their basic knowledge and the skills acquired during their studies as well as the chance to integrate them in clinical activities.

The twelve-month programme includes soft tissue surgery, orthopedics, anaesthesiology, internal medicine, reproductive medicine, horse nutrition, laboratory diagnostics, pathology and other areas of specialisation. Course contents comprise practical experience, discussion of case studies, training of students and participation in ward rounds and seminars.

Prerequisites for the Internship Programme

  • degree in veterinary medicine
  • good German skills and also good English skills are desired
  • a few months of practical experience with horses is preferred but not required
  • rabies shot

When an internship position becomes vacant, it will be advertised under employment opportunities:
See employment opportunities at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna [Link 1] (in German)


Further information (in German)


Coordinator of the Programme

Ass.-Prof. Wolfgang Fröhlich
E-Mail to Wolfgang Fröhlich  [Link 3]