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THURSDAY, 28.07.2016

09:15-10:15, Oral Session *1*, Teaching and Learning 1 – Lecture Hall A

O 01 – Michael Hüppler*, Jenny Hagen, Christoph K.W. Mülling, Dora Bernigau
Teaching anatomy for a new generation – Different multimedia based approaches at the Institute of Veterinary Anatomy, Leipzig University

O 02 – Martina Ðuras*, Ivan Alic, Tajana Trbojevic Vukicevic, Snježana Kužir, Vedran Šimunovic and Tomislav Gomercic
New tool for self-study of osteology: 3D labelled models of the thoracic and pelvic limb skeleton of the horse

O 03 – Inga Wölfel*, Stefanie Weber, Elisabeth Zandt, Andreas Brühschwein, Andrea Meyer-Lindenberg and Cordula Poulsen Nautrup
The first Anatomy Navigator – a new and modern tool for learning anatomical structures by means of specimen and multimedia simultaneously

O 04 – Nongnuch Inpanbutr*, Antoinette E. Marsh, Caroline El-Khoury, Jill E. Richards, Chris Frasure, Jeff Reiswig, Tatiana Motta, John M. Reddish, Jerry Masty and Melinda Rhode-DiSalvo
Using ExamSoft for practical and written exams in anatomy and parasitology

10:45-12:00, Oral Session *2a*, Gastrointestinal System – Lecture Hall A

O 05 – Els Van Peer, Christophe Casteleyn, Chris Van Ginneken and Steven Van Cruchten*
The Göttingen minipig: a good model for paediatric drug development?

O 06 – Ben Jurgens, Sara Prims, Charlotte Vanden Hole, Steven Van Cruchten, Chris Van Ginneken and Christophe Casteleyn*
The porcine ileal Peyer’s patches: a comparative morphometric study in conventionally and artificially reared piglets

O 07 – Juliane Rieger*, Karin Briest-Forch, Barbara Drewes, Hana Hünigen and Johanna Plendl
Mucosubstances in the porcine gastrointestinal tract: Fixation, staining and quantification

O 08 – Kinga Skieresz-Szewczyk*, Hanna Jackowiak, Szymon Godynicki, Gabriela Galatenau and Oliver Krone
The macro- and microstructure of the tongue in the Eurasian Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)

O 09 – Elisabeth Engelke*, Katharina Radelof, Karina Mathes, Michael Fehr and Christiane Pfarrer
Anatomy and vascularisation of the alimentary tract of central bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps)

10:45-12:00, Oral Session *2b*, Cardiovascular System – Lecture Hall D

O 10 – Örs Petneházy*, Richard Tokaji and Kálmán Czeibert
Blood supply of the male genital tract in dogs based on conventional preparation, corrosion casting and 3D modelling

O 11 – Anastasia Logothetidou*, Wim Van den Broeck and Pieter Cornillie
Ultra-microscopic and molecular characterization of intussusceptive angiogenesis

O 12 – Enrica Zumnorde-Mertens*, Nina Hambruch, Jan-Dirk Haeger and Christiane Pfarrer
FGF2 stimulates sprout formation of bovine umbilical vein endothelial cells (BUVEC)

O 13 – Kimberley Vandevelde*, Wim Van den Broeck, Nan Wang, Tim Vandecasteele and Gunther van Loon
Connexines in the horse heart

O 14 – José Ferreira-Filho, Gustavo Bechara, Diogo de Souza, Waldemar S. Costa, Marco Pereira-Sampaio* and Francisco J. B. Sampaio
The role of warm ischemia time in the glomerular number in the pig model

13:30-14:30, Oral Session *3*, Locomotor System – Lecture Hall A

O 15 - Ben M.C. Gorissen*, Claudia F. Wolschrijn, Willie Bergmann,  Ellen Meijer, Joost J. Uilenreef, Bert van Rietbergen and P. René van Weeren
Effects of long-term Meloxicam usage on bone development in pigs

O 16 – Suvi Viranta, Hanna Lommi, Katja Holmala and Juha Laakkonen*
Musculoskeletal anatomy of the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) forelimb: adaptations to capture large prey?

O 17 - Katharina Zoë Schatz*, Elisabeth Engelke and Christiane Pfarrer
Comparative study of the mimic facial muscles of brachycephalic and dolichocephalic dog breeds

O 18 – Aleksandra Skalec*, Radomir Henklewski and Monika Egerbacher
Fibrous bundles in the proximal metacarpal region of a horse: anatomical, histological and immunohistochemical study

15:30-17:00, Shared Programme EAVA & WAHVM 2016 - Banquet Hall

Keynote 1 - Christophe Degueurce
From Jean Héroard to Robert Barone, an overview on the history of veterinary anatomy in France

Keynote 2 - Jasmine Dum-Tragut
Meeting in the body of the horse: Knowledge transmission between Christian West and Muslim East

Keynote 3 - Gerhard Forstenpointner
On the orders of the empress! Considerations on the reasons for building a Vet school in Vienna


FRIDAY, 29.07.2016

09:00-10:00, Oral Session *4*, Respiratory and Nervous System – Lecture Hall A

O 19 – Sven Otto*, Jule K. Michler and Christoph K. W. Mülling
Intramuscular pressure in the equine cricoarytenoideus dorsalis muscle in an ex vivo model – a pilot study

O 20 – Björn Nitzsche*, Stephen Frey, D. Louis Collins, Johannes Seeger, Donald Lobsien, Antje Dreyer, Holger Kirsten, Michael H. Stoffel, Johannes Boltze and Vladimir S. Fonov
Cerebral morphology and volumetry of Ovis orientalis aries: the stereotaxic, population-averaged ovine t1w brain atlas

O 21 – Christine Sauerland, Brandon Menzies, Megan Glatzle, Johannes Seeger, Marilyn B. Renfree and Simone A. Fietz
Basic principles of neocortex development during evolution - a cell biological analysis of neural progenitor cells in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) neocortex

O 22 – Hrvoje Smodlaka*, Wael A. Khamas, Lauren Palmer, Bryan Lui, Ilana Galex, Roman Pan, Josip A. Borovac, Brian A. Cohn and Lars Schmitz
Special senses of the northern elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris)

11:00-12:00, Oral Session *5*, Imaging Anatomy – Lecture Hall A

O 23 – Nagihan Ugurlu, Okan Ekim*, Nurullah ?agil, Burcu Insal, Ayse Güzin Taslipinar and Caner Bakici
Optic Coherence Tomography, Fluorescein Angiography and Biomicroscopy Imaging of the Tunics in Rabbit Eye: A Comparative Anatomical Study

O 24 – Kálmán Czeibert*, Gábor Baksa, András Grimm, Peter Szabó, Szilvia Nagy, Péter Bogner, Lajos Balogh, Péter Sótonyi, Bence Rácz and Örs Petneházy
Assessment of the canine eye’s blood supply using conventional preparation technique, corrosion casting, cryomacrotomisation and 3D-modeling

O 25 – Sophie Monteil1*, Fabrice Audigié, Hélène Gros, Patrice Peran, Sophie Pradier, Alexandra Deviers and Giovanni Mogicato
Anatomy of the normal equine brain: a cross-sectional and 3T magnetic resonance imaging comparative study

O 26 – Kamelia Stamatova-Yovcheva*, Rosen Dimitrov, Dimitar Kostov, Diyana Vladova, Penka Yonkova and David Yovchev
Contrast enhanced anatomical study of hepatic arteries in the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

13:30-14:45,  Oral Session *6a*, Cell Biology – Lecture Hall A

O 27 – Christina Baumbach*, Megan Kulow, Dörte Döpfer and Christoph K. W. Mülling
Bovine in vitro skin equivalents as a model for studying the pathogenesis of digital dermatitis

O 28 – Francesca Mercati*, Piero Ceccarelli, Irene Pazzaglia, Carolina Pirino, Paola Scocco and Cecilia Dall’Aglio
Expression of Platelet-derived growth factor-A and its receptor in the skin of the dog

O 29 – Ivan Alic*, Nina Kosi, Katarina Kapuralin, Srecko Gajovic, Roland Pochet and Dinko Mitrecic
THY1 – YFP mouse model as a tool for cell tracing

O 30 – Mohamed I. Elashry* and Stefan Arnhold
Role of Gap junction Connexin43 in skeletal muscle regeneration

O 31 – Katharina Luebbe*, Betty Wielsch, Ina Bosse, Mahtab Bahramsoltani and Christoph K. W. Mülling
Bovine claw horn disruption: an in vitro study of early pathomechanisms

13:30-14:45, Oral Session *6b*, Clinical and Imaging Anatomy – Lecture Hall D

O 32 – Melania Ioana Crişan*, Aurel Damian, Cristian Dezdrobitu, Florin Stan, Ioana Daniela
Chirilean, Alexandru Gudea, Cristian O. Martonos, Monica Lente Fernandes and Jean-Marie Denoix
Relevance of Anatomy in the Ultrasound Examination of the Equine Tendons

O 33 – Johanna Dietrich*, Stephan Handschuh, Christian Peham, Gerhard Forstenpointner, Monika Egerbacher and Hanna Schöpper
Intramuscular architecture of the Musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis in the horse

O 34 – Sandra Marion Geiger*, Enrico Reich, Sarah Grund and Jenny Hagen
Introduction of a bone inherent coordinate system for 3D software based anatomical research

O 35 – Esther G. Meusel*, Martina R. Crole and Johan Marais
Osteology of the carpal region of the southern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum)

O 36 – Michal Kyllar* and Angela Scerbakova
Tibial tuberosity avulsion fracture or Osgood-Schlatter Disease in dogs: morphometric analysis of a common stifle injury in dogs


SATURDAY, 30.07.2016

09:00-10:00, Oral Session *7*, Reproductive System – Lecture Hall A

O 37 – Julia Heinrich*, Jonathan Gerber, Hagen Gasse and Ralph Brehm
Loss of Connexin 43 in Sertoli cells and its effect on the expression of Claudin-3, -5 and -11 and blood-testis barrier integrity in mice

O 38 – Kristina Rode*, Harald Sieme, Henning Otzen, Cornelia Schwennen, Matthias Lüpke, Peter Richterich, Rahel Schrimpf, Ottmar Distl and Ralph Brehm
Effects of repeated testicular biopsies in adult warmblood stallions and their diagnostic potential

O 39 – John T. Soley* and Lizette du Plessis
Sperm head shaping in ratites: new dimensions, yet more questions

O 40 – Felix R. Graubner, Iris M. Reichler, Alois Boos and Mariusz P. Kowalewski*
Decidualization of canine uterus: an in vitro model to study the role of decidual cells during maintenance and termination of canine gestation

11:00-12:00, Oral Session *8*, Teaching and Learning 2 – Lecture Hall A

O 41 – Paul B. Nader* and Robert W. Henry
Blue whale heart preservation for both educational and research purposes via cold temperature impregnation / plastination

O 42 – Snježana Kužir*, Zvonimir Kozaric, Tajana Trbojevic Vukicevic, Ivan Alic, Krešimir Drašner, Krešimir Matanovic and Emil Gjurcevic
Fish skeleton in teaching, science and profession

O 43 – Stefanie Weber*, Elisabeth Zandt, Inga Wölfel, Jasmin Radtke, Sven Reese and Cordula Poulsen Nautrup
First veterinary simulator for feline abdominal sonography – demonstrated and tested using the example of the feline urinary organs

O 44 – Elisabeth Zandt*, Julia Decker, Stefanie Weber, Inga Wölfel and Cordula Poulsen Nautrup
The first feline echocardiography simulator combined with anatomic sections