Wissenschaftliche Publikationen und Vorträge zum Projekt



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Bieber, C; Rauchenschwandtner, E; Michel, V; Suchentrunk, F; Smith, S; Vetter, SG. Forming a group in the absence of adult females? Social Networks in yearling wild boars 2. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 2019; 217: 21-27


Vetter, SG et al. (2016). Shy is sometimes better: personality and juvenile body mass affect adult reproductive success in wild boars, Sus scrofa. 3 Animal Behaviour 115: 193-205. 


Vetter, SG; Ruf, T; Bieber, C; Arnold, W (2015): What Is a Mild Winter? Regional Differences in Within-Species Responses to Climate Change 4. PLoS One. 2015; 10(7):e0132178 4


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Bieber, C. and T. Ruf (2005). Schwarzwild-Management mit Mathematik. Frischlinge - Motor des Wachstums 6. Revierkurier. 1: 4-5. 

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