International Research Forum for Game Meat Hygiene

The International Research Forum on Game Meat Hygiene (IRFGMH) is intended to provide a platform for both scientists as well as practionioners interested in the safety, wholesomeness and sensory and technological quality of meat and meat products from game.
IRFGMH was brought into life on the occasion of an international conference dedicated to game meat quality and hygiene, held in June 2009 hosted by the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno, Czech Republic, with Dr. Miroslav Vodnansky as the local organizer.
The activities of the IRFGMH include - inter alia- :
Organisation of an biannual conference on game meat hygiene, safety and quality;
Communication of game meat related courses, training, conferences etc. to subscribers of the IRFGMH mailing list.
A mission statement and constitution are under preparation.
The proceeding booklet of the 2009 conference can be downloaded from this website as well as the pdf´s of the lectures and some conference snapshots. The full texts will be available as a book, published by Wageningen Academic, scheduled for spring 2010.

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