Brno Conference 2009 -Proceeding


Brno Conference 2009 - photo gallery

Assembly of lecturers
Prof. Dr. Frans J.M. Smulders, Dipl.ECVPH - UVM Vienna/Austria
Slovak posters on fibromatosis
Poster exibition
Dr. Peter Paulsen - Prof.Dr. Ernst Lücker - Prof.Dr. Andreas Hensel
Dr. Eva-Maria Wiklund - Ag Research MIRINZ, Hamilton/New Zealand
Prof.Dr. Andreas Hensel, Dipl.ECVPH - Federal German Institute of Risk Assessment/Germany
Prof.Dr. Sava Buncic, Dipl.ECVPH - University of Novi Sad/Serbia
Prof.Dr. Louw Hoffman - University of Stellenbosch/South Africa
Dr. Miroslav Vodnansky - Prof.Dr. Ernst Lücker - Dr. Peter Paulsen