Graduate School


The faculty for Pig and Poultry medicine (PaP) was set up to strengthen postgraduate education and to continue the existing specialization within the curriculum at the Vetmeduni Vienna. It should remain a unifying educational platform for an international PhD programme. PhDs and doctorate students will receive excellent training in a field of veterinary medicine with high future demand in order to educate and support young academics aiming for a career in research. PaP will increase the scientific output based upon synergies between established research groups and improve the international visibility of participating institutions and researchers. Altogether, it will strengthen the position of the Vetmeduni in pig and poultry medicine.

Strategic goals

  • Establishment of PaP, a creative and modern interdisciplinary doctoral training programme in pig and poultry science, at the Vetmeduni Vienna.
  • Recruitment of excellent PhD students from within Austria and abroad.  The selection procedure will ensure that the best qualified applicants are chosen, aiming at ensuring equal opportunities for female and male applicants and for national and international students.
  • Allocation of students to individual scientific projects in the participating research groups.
  • Establishment of an order and rules for continuous internal and external monitoring to guarantee the permanent adaptation and improvement of the educational programme.
  • Strengthening of existing synergies between the research groups in the Programme and development of additional synergies; expanding the network of collaborating research institutions.
  • Close monitoring of the students’ progress, including ensuring their international exposure and their readiness for successful scientific careers.
  • Supporting and mentoring of Postdocs to strengthen their future career options.

The major longer term goals of PaP are:

  • Continuous evaluation of the scientific success of the participating groups, which should be used as a basis for decisions on the incorporation of new research areas and/or the cessation of other areas.
  • A steady increase of the number of PaP students by incorporating additional groups into the Faculty.
  • An increase of international interactions and of the translation of knowledge generated in the laboratories to farming practice.
  • Close incorporation of PaP into the Vetmeduni Vienna and application of the Programme’s selection criteria to other doctoral students at the University.
  • Strengthening research in the field of PaP at the Vetmeduni Vienna by continuous training of skilled students.
  • Building up a broadly based research and teaching Faculty by developing structured career options for members of the Faculty.
  • Creating an interdisciplinary institution with regard to teaching and research by combining the expertise of Faculty Members and students with differing educational backgrounds.