Information about your appointment

A consultation allows us to review your pet’s chart, perform an examination and discuss surgical procedures. While some diagnostic tests like radiographs or ultrasound may be performed the same day, procedures that require general anesthesia such as CT Scans, special radiographs and surgery are usually NOT performed the same day as a consultation.

Surgery appointments are conducted as teams to provide the best possible care for your pet. Even though you may have a dedicated appointment with one of our doctors, you may not immediately see that specialist, but rather a student, an intern or a surgery resident that is part of our surgery team. Rest assured that the specialist will consult with you about the care of your pet.

Please bring copies or have medical records (records, blood tests, biopsies) faxed from your regular veterinarian to our referral office at +43 1 25077-5391. Additionally, please be sure to bring copies of all pertinent X-rays. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to complete the admission process.

Please do not feed your pet for 8 hours prior to the visit, as sedatives may need to be given, and are safest on an empty stomach.

Waiting times vary for your appointment as emergencies may take precedence over scheduled appointments. We will do everything possible to see you and your pet in a timely fashion.



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