Pigeon Research

Constant achievement

In this experiment we test pigeons to discriminate stimuli on two dimensions (color and shape). The aim is to determine which of the two dimensions is more salient or important for the pigeon's discrimination. In other words, which di-mension will the pigeon rely on? To test this the entropy of the discrimination task is kept constant (e.g. at 66.6% sucess rate) by adapting the difficulty (the reliance of the stimulus cue) to the actual discrimination ability of the pigeon.


Natural categorization

This experiment has been designed to evaluate the hypothesis that pigeons use mainly global information in the processing of natural categories (like flowers), and mainly local information in the processing of artificial categories (like chairs). This is to be tested by training pigeons to discriminate between natural as well as between artificial categories and then comparing the levels of transfer of the two types of discrimination to blurred versions of the pictures (which are devoid of local details) and to scrambled ones (which are devoid of global form).