Abgeschlossene Masterarbeiten am Messerli Forschungsinstitut


Helena Manzenreiter, MSc

Thema der Masterarbeit:

Validation of the PetPaceTM collar as a method to measure heart rate in dogs during eye tracking studies


Lisa Fischer, MSc

Thema der Masterarbeit:

Management practices in Llamas and alpacas and associations with caretakers' attitudes and animal behaviour



Teresa Pegger, MSc

Thema der Masterarbeit:

Do owners and only owners serve as a secure base to their dogs in a problem-solving task?


Sabrina Ausserwöger, MSc

Thema der Masterarbeit:

Temporal stability of intraspecific relationships in pet dogs


Roxanne Berthel, MSc

Thema der Masterarbeit:

African Grey parrots do ot show spontaneous relational matching



Andrea Häusler, MSc

Thema der Masterarbeit:

Influence of owner and household characteristics on provision of toys and activities to cats


Dr. Katrin Spiesberger

Thema der Masterarbeit:

The effects of play behaviour, feeding and time of day on salivary lgA levels in calves


Viola Windsteig, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Electromyographic activity of the equine longissimus dorsi muscle during induced back movements at stance


Verena Wesian, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Behavioural responses of heifers towards stroking of the ventral neck or of different head-neck regions


Denise Reiter, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

The influence of the milker's behaviour on social behaviour of dairy cows


Julia Schindlbauer, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Effect of owners presence on object-manipulation in former shelter and family dogs: a sign of different attachment?


Christina Pranger, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Effects of acute stress on the reliability of skin prick testing and mediator release: clinical study in healthy and allergic volunteers using the Trier social stress test


Doris Köbrunner, MSc.


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Husbandry and welfare of pet ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) and owners' attitudes: a questionnaire survey


Dr. med.vet. Irene Zimpernik


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Morphological investigations on prehistoric and historic pig remains from Austrian archaelogical sites


Eleonore Haußner, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Apples and oranges: achieving comparability between non-invasive strain and the needle criterion in animal experimental procedures of Directive 2010/63/EU


Katrina Rosenberger, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

The effect of milk allowance on solid feed intake, growth and behaviour of Holstein dairy calves.


Judit Berczik, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Long-term consistency in the behavior of pet dogs: Test-retest reliability of a personality test battery.


Mag. Patricia Käfer, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Talking about animal on its own terms: A critique of languages as a defining momentum in understanding animal' states.



Lisinka Summer, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Do domestic dogs show visual preferences for particular species and breeds in a free choice test? A touchscreen study. 


Annika Huber, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Empathic-like responding in dogs (Canis familiaris) to emotional sounds of humans and


Bettina Schreiner, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Demethylation of equine sperm DNA during cryopreservation


Dr. Irene Fürdös, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Clinical Studies in Veterinary Oncology at the Borderline between Preclinics and Clinical Trials: Critical Evaluation of Challenges and Opportunities



Madelaine Leitsberger, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Objectification and anthropomorphism:
How advertisement contributes to instrumentalisation



Dóra Szabó, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Testing the Generativity Theory in Kea (Nestor notabilis)


Mag. Cornelia Belik, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

On the human side of animal experiments. Preliminary research into a novel topic in the field of human-animal relationships


Martina Muhr, MSc


Thema der Masterarbeit:

Generation and characterization of a recombinant, soluble form of feline FcεRIα for chip diagnosis of cat allergy


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