Dr.rer.nat. Peter Rossmanith

Institut für Milchhygiene
Department/Universitätsklinik für Nutztiere und öffentliches Gesundheitswesen
Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien
Veterinärplatz 1


Date of birth 1970-02-24
Place of Birth: Vienna, Austria    
Citizenship: Austria


From - toInstitutionStudies/ Subject/ Degree
1989-1990University of Technology Vienna, AustriaElectronical Engineering
1991-2003University of ViennaBiology/ Genetics/ Master Thesis: Nachweis von DNA –  Sequenzen des Toxingens apxIV und des Oberflächenantigens omlA mittels 
Polymerasekettenreaktion zur Detektion von Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in 
Schweinebeständen / Mag. rer. nat.
2004-2007University of Vienna/
Veterinary University Vienna
PhD. student/ Food Science/ Thesis: Development of real-time PCR assays for detection of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. regarding to validation and standardization of online quantification during foodstuff production concerning food borne microorganisms.
2004-2006University of ViennaFaculty of Computer Science/ Medical Informatics


From - toPosition Organisation
02/00-03/01Research AssociateXenogenetik GmbH, Vienna
04/04 - 10/06Scientific AssistantInstitute of Milk Hygiene, Milk Technology, and Food Science, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Science, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
11/06 - todayPost Doc Research FellowChristian Doppler Laboratory for Molecular Food Analytics, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna


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          Earlier Application: A 1346/2006 (AT)

  • Rossmanith, P., Röder, B., Wagner, M. 2009. “Device for singularizing Micro-Objects” EPA09163492.3
        WO 2010/149350 A1
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  • Rossmanith, P., Mester, P., Fuchs, S., Wagner, M. 2013. “Method for lysing mycobacteria cells”. In preparation.


  • Rossmanith, P., Wagner, M., Hein, I. 2011.”Method for isolating cells (Matrix Lysis)”  EP2049677 B1


    Validation of a national reference method for detection of L. monocytogenes of the §64, LFGB-Arbeitsgruppe "Molekularbiologische Methoden - Mikrobiologie" from Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety Berlin (BVL) in consideration of the method published in Res. Microbiol. 157, 763-771.


    PCRFast® Listeria monocytogenes Realtime (IF/MR1002). L. monocytogenes Detection Kit.
    IFP Institute for Product Quality (Institut für Produktqualität GmbH, Berlin, Germany)  Based on: Rossmanith, P., Krassnig, M., Wagner, M., Hein, I., 2006. Detection of L.    monocytogenes in food using a combined enrichment/real-time PCR method    targeting the prfA gene. Res. Microbiol. 157, 763-771.


    Publications listed in the Research Dokumentation of the Vetmeduni Vienna - VetDoc 1


    Presentations listed in the Reserach Dokumentation of the Vetmeduni Vienna - VetDoc 2


    „Hygienepreis 2007“ of the „Austrian Society for Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventive Medicine“ („Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Hygiene, Mikrobiologie und Präventivmedizin“, ÖGHMP) funded by Unilever.

    Nominee „Zukunftspreis der Stadt Wien 2008“.

    Overall winner: Poster award, IAFP 2009, 5th European Symposium on Food Safety, Berlin, Germany, 7.9.-9.9.2009: Rossmanith, P., Frühwirth, K., Süß, B., Schopf, E., Wagner, M. Micrococcus roseus and Serratia marcescens as coloured bacterial indicators: simple strategy during design and development of a new method for sample pre-treatment.

     “Erfinder des Jahres 2010” der Vetmeduni Wien.



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