Wilhelm Türk-award to Iris Uras Jodl

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Fellinger grant awarded to Barbara Maurer

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"Gütesiegel des Theodor-Billroth-Preises" award to Edit Porpaczy (MUW), Sabrina Tripolt and Andrea Hölbl-Kovacic

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Welcome to the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology




Our mission is to discover molecular mechanisms underlying physiological and pathophysiological processes in the organism. This approach is the base for rational drug design, it serves target identification and target validation in modern pharmacological research. Thereby our research offers hope for defeating some of humanity's most devastating diseases-- cancer. The mission of the institute is to perform research and education in molecular, cellular, and clinical pharmacology.

Modern medicine relies on the correct, precise use of drugs. The development of novel therapeutics over the last decades enabled us to cure a wide range of diseases. Yet many aspects still prove difficult and are awaited to be solved! The greatest challenge of our time is to translate the knowledge gathered in this post-genomic era into practice for patient-tailored treatment options - a concept termed as Personalised or Precision Medicine. Pharmacology is not only committed to find out the mechanism of action of drugs but also assists in preparing and understanding how modern drugs can be optimally exploited for the benefit of each patient in the future.

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Recent publications


Ingeborg Menzl, et al.
CDK8-Novel Therapeutic Opportunities 8
Journal: Pharmaceuticals


Klara Klein, Agnieszka Witalisz-Siepracka, et al.
STAT5BN642H drives transformation of NKT cells: a novel mouse model for CD56+ T-LGL leukemia 9
Journal: Leukemia


Sebastian Kollmann, Eva Grundschober, Barbara Maurer, et al.
Twins with different personalities: STAT5B—but not STAT5A—has a key role in BCR/ABL-induced leukemia 10
Journal: Leukemia



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