Mariana Dutra Fogaca

I am interested in the evolution of primate feeding behaviour: food processing and manipulation techniques, feeding behaviour ontogeny, mechanical properties of food and food fracture propagation. In my previous research, I used direct observations of wild neotropical monkeys and their feeding behaviour to integrate it with mechanical properties of the food item chosen by capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, and marmoset. I also have done a lab experiment to analyse the fracture behaviour in fruit in contact with specific teeth morphology.

Now, as part of Dr. Yamashita's team, I hope to add to my dataset how an interesting primate, the lemur, explores their food. I will model the food-morphology interaction based on the data that we will collect during field expeditions to Beza Mahalafy, Madagascar. Ultimately, this work also will make it possible to compare lemurs and neotropical primates, allowing a broader view of feeding evolution. 



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