December 2015

New joint Master's program launched: Link to Evolutionary Systems Biology 1

December 2015

PopGen Christmas party: we celebrated a successful year with ice skating and dinner on December 4th.

November 2015

Congratulations to our PhD student Thomas Taus 2, awardee of a DOC scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)!

November 2015

We're proud of Raymond Tobler 3 who successfully defended his thesis "Adaptation to Thermal Stress in Experimental Drosophila Populations".

October 2015

Three of our PhD students featured in Falter's "Heureka" 4 (p.4)

October 2015

This year's retreat was at Feuerkogel. Talks, networking and hiking at 1592 m. Link to group foto 5

September 2015

Introductory course 6 for PhD students ongoing during September.

SMBE 2015

SMBE 2015 at Hofburg was a big success with more than 1400 participants from around the world.
Link to Vetmeduni News 7
Link to SMBE 2015 8

Burger Group news
The Burger lab has moved to Vetmeduni's Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology. 9

Alumna appointed PI at Gulbenkian Institute (PT)

Congratulations to former graduate student Claudia Bank 10 to her group leader 11 position!

Vetmeduni Open Day

Our PhD students represented the institute at the "Tag der offenen Tür".
Link to PopGen Vienna news 12

PhD defense

Congratulations to Nicola Palmieri who successfully defended his PhD!

Vetmeduni Vienna poster prize

... goes to institute member Elmira Mohandesan (link to Burger lab) for her poster entitled "The first draft of the mitochondrial genome of the wild and early domestic Arabian Camel (Camelus dromedarius) reconstructed from ancient DNA". Congratulations!



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