Neu in der Lehrbuchsammlung 10/2019

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Long-awaited new edition of the classic text on large animal neurology. Written by one of the world’s leading experts, the book reflects his considerable experience gained in America, Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

This practical reference is a complete guide for all veterinarians in handling large animal neurologic cases. It is richly illustrated in full colour throughout, with 200 colour photographs plus detailed line drawings. In addition a wide variety of diseases are brought to life in video clips on the accompanying DVDs. This invaluable video library provides examples of actions, movements, postures and syndromes, and helps to visualise the definitions of clinical signs described in the text.

Dieser Titel  2aus 2008 zur Neurologie der Großtiere ist in unserer Lehrbuchsammlung Interne Medizin 3 mit 4 Exemplaren vorhanden.

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