Neues e-Book „ Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy “

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Bringing together a globally diverse range of timely topics related to zoo and wild animals, Fowler’s Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, Volume 9 is an invaluable tool for any professional working directly with wildlife and zoo animals. The text’s user-friendly format guides readers through biology, anatomy, and special physiology; reproduction; restraint and handling; housing requirements; nutrition and feeding; surgery and anesthesia; diagnostics, and therapeutics for each animal. Two new co-editors and a globally diverse group of expert contributors each lend their expertise on a wide range of new topics — including a new section on emerging wildlife diseases covering topics like MERS, Equine Herpesvirus, and Ebola in great apes.

Der Volltext der 9. Ausgabe aus 2019 ist im vetmed:seeker 2 zu finden und auch direkt über die Verlagsplattform ScienceDirect 3 abrufbar.

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