Neues e-Book „Medicine of Australian Mammals“

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Aus der Verlagsbeschreibung:

In Medicine of Australian Mammals, more than 30 experts present the most current information available on the medical management of all taxa of Australian native mammals.This comprehensive text is divided into two parts. The first includes chapters on general topics relevant to the medical management of captive and free-ranging Australian native mammals such as: veterinary considerations for the rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release of wildlife; veterinary aspects of hand-rearing orphaned marsupials; marine mammal strandings and the role of the veterinarian; and wildlife health investigation and necropsy of Australian mammals. The second part covers the medicine of specific taxa of Australian native mammals. Detailed information on taxonomy, distribution, biology, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, husbandry, nutrition, physical and chemical restraint, clinical pathology, hand-rearing, diseases, zoonoses, therapeutics, reproductive management and surgery is included.

Dieses Werk aus 2008, herausgegeben von Larry Vogelnest und Rupert Woods, kann über unsere Bibliothekssuchmaschine vetmed:seeker 2 und über die Plattform ProQuest Ebook Central 3 gefunden und genutzt werden.

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