Neues e-Book „Savanna Woody Plants and Large Herbivores“

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Insights on current research and recent developments in understanding global savanna systems

Increasingly recognized as synonymous with tropical grassy biomes, savannas are found in tropical and sub-tropical climates as well as warm, temperate regions of North America. Savanna Woody Plants and Large Herbivores examines the interactions between woody plants and browsing mammals in global savannas—focusing primarily on the C4 grassy ecosystems with woody components that constitute the majority of global savannas—and discusses contemporary savanna management models and applications. 

Dieser Titel aus 2019 ist auf der Suchoberfläche Vetmed:seeker 2 und der Verlagsplattform  Wiley Online Library 3 auffindbar, der Download ist für Studierende und MitarbeiterInnen möglich. 

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