Neues e-Book „Animal Welfare“

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Aus der Verlagsbeschreibung:

Updated and revised, this bestselling textbook continues to provide a broad introduction to the key topics in the welfare of animals both large and small, farm and companion, wild and zoo. It retains all the popular features of the previous editions with coverage of key issues such as ethics, animal pain and injury, health and disease, social conditions, and welfare dilemmas and problems. Importantly, it also offers practical advice for welfare assessment, with a full section dedicated to the implementation of solutions.

Diese 3. Auflage aus 2018, herausgegeben von Michael Appleby, Anna Olsson und Francisco Galindo,  steht auf der Plattform ProQuest Ebook Central 2 campusweit, für drei gleichzeitige Nutzer, zur Verfügung.

Wie alle Monographien ist das Werk auch im vetmed:seeker 3 verzeichnet.

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