U L V > University stands for achievement through cooperation and responsibility by participation

The ULV (University Teachers’ Association) serves its members by recognizing and supporting all scientific, social, and cultural interests, as well as the active participation in all matters concerning the university.

The ULV at the vetmeduni Vienna is part of the main association which unites scientific and artistic faculty at Austrian universities (ULV Main Association – ULV-Hauptverband).

Advantages of being a Member

Membership is open to all scientific faculty. The membership fee is EUR 25.00 per year.

The ULV at the vetmeduni Vienna pays part of the membership fee to the main association to maintain a legal protection insurance.

ULV members can take advantage of this legal expense insurance for all employment issues.

Additionally, membership fees are used to organize and finance various events at the university (e.g. ULV-Dialog – former ULV-regulars’ table - ULV-Stammtisch).

The ULV-Dialog serves as an opportunity to discuss changes in the academic field and to link social and scientific contacts within the university.

Participation in the annual call for the ULV Young Scientist Award is open to all ULV members exclusively.