Ingrid Walter

Ingrid is the head of the VetBioBank as well as of the working group for Histology and Embryology. So her expertise ranges from tissue preparation and storage, over a broad field of (immuno)histological stainings to microscopy and microscopic analysis. She is helping you with the planning of your experiments and discussing available and useful techniques.

                      Office: GA06P27+43 1 25077 3406 
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Stefanie Burger

Stefanie is a member of the VetBioBank from the early beginning of the facility and therefore a valued teamplayer in various areas. She will assist you with the planning of experiments, giving good advices in histological questions and is an expert in tissue preparation and (immuno)histological stainings.

                      Office: GA06B21+43 1 25077 3162
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Melanie Stargardt

Melanie is splitted up into the working groups of both the VetBioBank and Transcriptomics. So she is not only firm with many histological working techniquies (tissue preparation, histological sectioning, staining, long time storage), but also brings her knowledge of a wide range of molecularbiological examinations into the game. Therefore she can enlighten your experiments from a different angle.

                      Office: GA06B21+43 1 25077 3162 
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Stefan Kummer

Stevie is half-time working in the VetBioBank and at the VetImaging facility. He will mainly assist you in tissue (cryo) preparations, cryo sectioning, and both widefield and fluorescence microscopy. Furthermore he links up to the knowledge of image processing and image analysis of the Facility for Microscopy.

                      Office: GA06B59+43 1 25077 3171 
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Monika Wieser

Besides helping in tissue preparation, microsopy and image analysis, Monika is with heart and soul improving our QM-System and therefore keeping the quality of the tissue samples as well as the documentation of the samples on a very high level.

                      Office: GA06P29+43 1 25077 3167 
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