ZEISS XRadia MicroXCT-400


The ZEISS Xradia MicroXCT-400 is a fully-shielded laboratory x-ray microscope that allows for high-resolution microCT scanning of ex vivo samples ranging from 0.5-50 mm in diameter. It uses a two-step magnification system combining geometric and optical magnification. It is equipped with four different objectives, yielding a maximum true spatial resolution below 1.5 µm at 1 mm field of view. Different x-ray filters can optionally be used to shape the emitted x-ray spectrum and to scan very x-ray dense samples. The system is fully calibrated for image geometry and can be optionally be used for density measurements, dual energy scanning, and in-line phase contrast imaging.


X-ray tube

Hamamatsu L 8121-03


Zeiss filter kit (LE#1-LE#6, HE#1-HE#6)
0.500 mm Aluminum
0.125 mm Copper
0.250 mm Copper
0.250 mm Silver
0.050 mm Tungsten
0.250 mm Tungsten
0.127 mm Tin
0.500 mm Tin

Detector Size

2048 x 2048 px




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