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Main focus

Technological development and progress have advanced to such an extent that accurate, powerful and affordable tools are now available for monitoring animal welfare. These include sensors, wireless communication tools, Internet connections and cloud storage. Cameras, microphones and other sensors placed close to, or on the animal can support the farmer’s eyes and ears in monitoring individual animals.

Our focus in the field of PLF at the Institute of Animal Welfare Science is on permanent, real-time, online monitoring of animal welfare and specifically pigs in various production stages from farrowing to fattening.     

Research projects

  • Prediction of farrowing and detection of nest-building behaviour in sows
  • Classification of postural behaviour in sows and fatteners
  • Early detection of diseases and behavioural disorders in pigs

Selected Publications

Oczak, M., Maschat, K., Berckmans, D., Vranken, E., Baumgartner, J., 2016. Can an automated labelling method based on accelerometer data replace a human labeller?–Postural profile of farrowing sows. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 127, 168-175.

Oczak, M., Maschat, K., Berckmans, D., Vranken, E., Baumgartner, J., 2016. Automatic estimation of number of piglets in a pen during farrowing, using image analysis. Biosystems Engineering 151, 81-89.

Oczak, M., Maschat, K., Berckmans, D., Vranken, E., Baumgartner, J., 2015. Classification of nestbuilding behaviour in non-crated farrowing sows on the basis of accelerometer data. Biosystems Engineering 140, 48-58.

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