What can be borrowed?

  • All medias can be borrowed for 1 month 
  • please note that media with a red dot cannot be borrowed as well as old and valuable books

What cannot be borrowed or is only available for limited borrowing?

  • Newspapers, journals, loose-leaf publications and reference items. These items should always be available.
  • Dissertations, theses: The original (1st edition) is not for borrowing, so that a copy is always available.
  • Items with red stickers: most of these involve a title from the collection of textbooks or reference works. If all the other copies are being lent out, at least one copy should be left on the shelf so that those who - even if they are not able to borrow - can at least look up, copy or study in the library.
  • Items with yellow stickers: Likewise concerning the collection of textbook items, these copies are only available strictly on reserve, for one day only.
  • Media from the repository: Some of these media have yet to be opened, however these will become available for regular borrowing on the day after their allocation. 
  • Items that require special protection: The university library stores especially old and valuable stock in the basement and at the RARA section (rare books). These cultural treasures require expert treatment and are not permitted to be taken outside.

How many books may I borrow?