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Can I buy books at the university library?

There is a used book sale.  The student union shop stocks new books for sale. (campus cafeteria, building DA).

In Detail

  1. Book sale:
    A second hand book sale is held once or twice a year. The sale dates being available on our homepage. At the beginning of the year especially, there is a big selection of text and other books on all subject matters on offer. In particular, older editions are for sale at very reasonable prices.
  2. Student union shop:
    Current literature can be bought at the shop on the campus and also from the online shop 1 of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna Student Union.

Search tips

  • Current veterinary medicine literature
    • Fachbuch-Schaper.de 2 - Online service of the M. & H. Schaper GmbH, Hannover, and Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Hanover.
    • VETBOOK.de 3 - A service of Lehmanns specialist bookstore
  • Books and DVDs

Who can I contact for further questions, requests, suggestions, complaints?

We always welcome queries! We would also like to hear your requests, suggestions and complaints. 

Each user is also entitled to make proposals for the procurement of media items.
So long as they are within the subject range and subject to approval by the library management, the item will be purchased.
If you have an acquisition proposal, please use our Book suggestionservice 7. For queries, suggestions or complaints, please use our Contact form or contact our staff directly at the library desks or send us an e-mail to the library. You can also reach us by phone at +43 1 25077 1414/1412