How can I find a specific item? (The references I have include the title and the publication's author)

The quickest and easiest way is to search using vetmed:seeker.

The "Articles & more" tab is a quick search facility of an index that contains entries of more than 500 million journal articles.

Enter the title and the author of the article and then click on "Search" or confirm with "Enter".
A list of results will be displayed.

  • Access to all full-text articles listed is available, so long as the search is carried out from a computer on the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna campus, via EZ-proxy or via Shibboleth (recognisable by the green note "full-text available")
  • The link "Online resource" takes you to the full text article.

If the article you are looking for does not appear on the results list, try the option "Global search". After clicking the box you get all the items which include the search terms, including university licensed access restricted literature. (as indicated by the red note "full text search")
In such a case, click on "ubvet-SFX" to manually search the full text article or on "ubvet-SFX" menu to find the location of the item in a library (learn more about this option in  Question 13 1).
The search engine tries to combine results for the same article in one entry. This is indicated by the message "multiple versions“. Click on the link "multiple versions" and then proceed according to the availability.