American Chemical Society

Scientists at Vetmeduni Vienna can publish open access articles free of charge in 62 hybrid journals published by American Chemical Society.

Under which conditions can you publish free of charge?

  • Corresponding Author is affiliated with Vetmeduni Vienna at the time of acceptance of the article.
  • The email address of Vetmeduni Vienna is used for submission.
  • The article was accepted for publication by the relevant magazine.
  • The article must have been accepted for publication during the term of the contract (01.01.2020 to 31.12.2022).
  • The submitted and accepted contribution does not correspond to one of the following article types: Additional and Corrections, Expressions of Concern, Retraction, In This Issue, Introducing our Authors.

Please note:
The agreement signed with the American Chemical Society does not include the assumption of fees such as Page Charges, Color Charges or similar.

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