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American Chemical Society

Scientists at Vetmeduni can publish open access articles free of charge in 62 subscription journals published by American Chemical Society.

A list of eligible journals under this agreement can be found here

Under which conditions can you publish free of charge?

  • Corresponding Author is affiliated with Vetmeduni at the time of acceptance of the article.
  • The email address of Vetmeduni is used for submission.
  • The article was accepted for publication by the relevant magazine.
  • The article must have been accepted for publication during the term of the contract (01.01.2020 to 31.12.2022).
  • The submitted and accepted contribution does not correspond to one of the following article types: Additional and Corrections, Expressions of Concern, Retraction, In This Issue, Introducing our Authors.

Please note:
The agreement signed with the American Chemical Society does not include the assumption of fees such as Page Charges, Color Charges or similar.

Further information: