Biological effective UV radiation

The focus of our work is on optic radiation which is biological effective for humans and animals as well as the UV disinfection of drinking water and industrial water.

Within the area of UV disinfection, the UV – Team – Austria 1 was founded at the Wasser – Technikum Wiental. The UV – Team – Austria is a cooperation with the Institute for Hygiene and Applied Immunology of the Medical University of Vienna (Prof. R. Sommer) and Austrian Institute of Technology (G. Hirschmann). Our team is globally active at the cutting edge of research as well as in inspection and testing of UV facilities. Worldwide, there are only few testing centres (Austria, Germany, USA). The high international acceptance of our team shows itself in the number of countries we received testing orders from so far: Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, England, Russia, New Zealand, and Austria. The results from this research became the basis of national and international standards and regulations (e.g. ÖNORM M 5873-1 and ÖNORM M 5873-2, Austria; DVGW W 294, Germany; SVGW, Switzerland; Drinking Water Inspectorate, UK; Ministry of Health, France; Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway; US-EPA, USA).

In the area of UV radiation effective on humans and animals our research focus lies on measuring and modelling. The high international acceptance of our working group led to several international projects (e.g. ICEPURE EU-FP7) and initiatives (COST) over the last couple of years. In addition to that, our working group has been part of the Austrian UVB measuring net for the last 20 years and was one of the initiators in 2013 of the only operational UVA measuring net worldwide. This provides the basis for future research about the effects of sun radiation, both adaptive (e.g. pigmentation) and reparative (e.g. photo repair).