RTD2Farm: Enhancing interaction between research and farmers

RTD2Farm, a project financed by the 7th European Framework Programme, wants to foster the exchange of research results between science and pig farmers (including multipliers and other actors in the field of pig industry). 11 institutions from Austria, Belgium and Italy co-operate in this project, pig farmers’ associations are represented by the Austrian association (VÖS) and the Belgian association (VEVA).


  • To unlock current research results for pig farmers, multipliers and other actors in the field of pig industry
  • To show examples for technology transfer (=  transfer of research results into practise)
  • To provide information and training materials on research results in a farmer friendly language

Previous activities

  • Identification of forthcoming knowledge (research projects, examples for technology transfer –financed by the European Union or/and by regional/national authorities in the participating countries)
  • Identification of techniques for transfer of knowledge towards farmers
  • Survey on farmers’ needs in the participating countries
  • Linking farmers’ needs with research results

Upcoming activities

  • Summarizing of research results and projects in a farmer friendly language
  • Development of information and training materials for farmers’ workshops
  • Farmers’ workshops in the participating countries to test the materials
  • Programming of and public access to a database
  • Sustainable maintenance of the database

Contact and infos on the RTD2farm website 1


Univ.-Prof. Isabel Hennig-Pauka Dipl.ECPHM
E-Mail to Isabel Hennig-Pauka


Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Sabine Ecker MA.
T +43 1 25077-1045
E-Mail to Sabine Ecker


Meet us

  • EAAP Congress Bratislava, August 27 -30, 2012
  • Eurotier /bpt Congress Hannover, November 13 -18, 2012