e-teaching.org 1 is an information portal and serves as a self-learning offer or as a building block for university-specific qualification and media development strategies. There you will find information on teaching scenarios, didactic design and media technology. You will also find a number of reference examples and materials to support you in the use of e-learning.

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Forum new media

Delegates from the universities are sent to this forum 2 to contribute to the networking of the actors across the institutions in regular meetings.

"Fnma Talks: 
The fnma Talks provide up-to-date information, models and suggestions in the field of digital university didactics. In 15-minute e-didactics lectures, proven experts will take up trends in the fields of blended learning and digitisation. In one-hour webinars, these topics will be deepened, with a focus on practical orientation. The participants thus receive both new impulses and practical tips for planning, implementing and reflecting on their teaching".
Our university is an institutional fnma member. Not only is participation in the live stream (www.fnma.at/fnma-talks 3) free for you, but you also have access to the recordings of all fnma talks.

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eScience Portal of the bmwf

The eScience portal 4 of the bmwf pursues the goal of clearly documenting and making available online existing electronic information offers and resources on the topic of new media in research and teaching at Austrian universities. It mainly refers to information from websites provided by Austrian universities, institutions, non-university research and service institutions, libraries, international organisations and others. Thus, the portal offers a concentrated view of the Austrian e-learning and blended learning landscape with international impulses in the tertiary education sector.

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Checkpoint E-Learning

CHECKpoint eLearning 5 is operated by INFObases GmbH and is an information portal on the subject of e-learning. On the website you will find event information, current trends, interviews and link tips.

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The University of Graz and the Graz University of Technology are launching Austria's first MOOC platform. Under imoox.at 6 the first three courses on different topics - from physics to learning on the net - started in the summer semester 2014.
All content is licensed under a CC license and can therefore be used for teaching beyond the end of the course. According to the motto "Make education freely accessible"!

Link to imoox.at 6