Urheberrecht: Wir helfen unseren Lehrenden durch den Gesetzesdschungel


Some things are complex, the provisions of the Copyright Act (UrhG) are probably among them. Nevertheless, the Copyright Act is of great importance as it serves to protect intellectual property by regulating the exploitation of works such as texts, photos, graphics and films.

We have dealt intensively with this matter and can therefore offer our employees the following services:

1.    Periodical workshops on the subject of copyright law
in cooperation with the Personnel Development Department (PE) of Vetmeduni Vienna. Dates: see programme of the PE


  • The law - terms & trivia
  • Special regulations for the education sector
  • University copyrights - who owns what?
  • Use of external works in lectures, publications and online teaching
  • The protection of your own works
  • Examples and questions

2.    The document "Copyright for teachers"
informs in a compact form about the copyright exceptions for the education sector. They enable the legally correct use of third-party works under certain conditions. The compiled document helps you to understand copyright law and to apply it correctly with regard to the exceptions for science. This can be found in the Vetucation® - für teachers 2 course. 

3.    Personal advice on specific copyright issues
Ihr Ansprechpartner: Dr. Michael Bernkopf, Tel.: 01-25077-6396