Since 2013, students of the Veterinary Medicine diploma course have been trained as e-tutors in the elective course "E-Learning at Vetmeduni Vienna".

The e-tutor programme ranges from the training and supervision of e-tutors to their use in the various e-learning projects at Vetmeduni Vienna. The aim is to train e-tutors who can broaden their interests and skills in the field of e-learning and support teachers in online teaching.

After successful completion of the elective, e-tutors can support the teachers in the following tasks:

  • Support of online sessions as well as discussion forums and wikis in Vetucation
  • Conversion of existing content into web-suitable formats (e.g. PDF format or MP4)
  • Creation of simple multimedia content on the basis of the respective LV (e.g. mind maps, photos, audio/video clips) and integration into the learning platform
  • Basics for the creation of case presentations in CASUS
  • Support in knowledge testing (self-tests, tasks, exercises)
  • Preparation of feedback forms/questions tailored to the LV
  • Raising awareness of copyright law

Teachers at Vetmeduni Vienna will find further information in VetEasy and in the Vetucation® course Vetucation® for teachers. Interested students will find further information in the Vetucation® course Vetucation® for students.

If you have any questions, please contact us at elearning(at)