Graf Lehndorff Institute

The Graf Lehndorff Institute is a joint research institution of Vetmeduni Vienna and the Brandenburg State Stud at Neustadt (Dosse), Germany. By joining resources from both institutions, excellent facilities for applied research have been established. The institute conducts its own projects but, in addition, is a scientific partner for horse breeding and equestrian associations as well as for scientists from other academic institutions which do not have facilities for long-term studies on healthy horses




Anne Lutzer joins the team of the Lehndorff Institute

On 1 January 2019 Anne Lutzer has joined the scientific team of the Graf Lehndorff Institute. Anne comes from Berlin and has studied veterinary medicine in Vienna. After graduation the followed a one-year internship programme in an equine clinic in Germany. 

Manuela Wulf obtained her PhD

Manuela Wulf, staff scientist at the Lehndorff Institute completed her doctoral programme on 11 Dezember 2018. After successful defence of her thesis Sex differences in prepubertal horses wurde Manuela she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophie (PhD) at Vetmeduni Vienna.







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