Georg Count Lehndorff


Georg Count Lehndorff (1833-1914), the eponym of the Institute, was one of the leading persons in German horse breeding. After having served as a cavalry officer for 16 years, he joined the Prussian State Stud Service in 1866 and was made director of the Graditz State Stud. From 1888 until 1912 Count Lehndorff was Head of the State Stud Service in the Ministry for Agriculture. Being responsible for the development of horse breeding in Prussia, he initiated major extensions of the state studs at Trakehnen, Neustadt, Graditz and Celle and nearly doubled the number of state-owned stallions provided to breeders throughout the country. His personal interest focussed on the Thoroughbred as a race horse and as a basis for the breeding of cavalry horses. Count Lehndorff summarized his experience in horse breeding and breeding-related veterinary disciplines in a successful book. His Handbuch für Pferdezüchter (Handbook for Horse Breeders) was published in several editions between 1881 and 1906.




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