Help for the website of Vetmeduni Vienna

To ensure use of our website goes as smoothly as possible, we have summarised the most important information:


The basic layout: how are the pages set out?

The various navigation and orientation options can be found in the upper section.

  • The meta-tag (above the logo in the upper right corner) provides you with useful web-links which are available on each page.
  • The main navigation section (red menu bar) provides the option of selecting the main topic.
  • Immediately under the photo bar can be found the so-called "Breadcrumb navigation", which indicates your location on our website. The red-highlighted sections provide links to general levels; the sections in black text denote their current location.

The three-columned layout underneath the photo bar is divided into the following zones:

  • On the left you will find the current navigation area, it refers to the detailed information of the selected main area
  • In the centre can be found the actual content of a page, the main body of text.
  • On the right hand side is situated any additional information about the relevant topic.

How is the information structured?

The home page of our website takes the form of a web portal: on the one hand information is put together for certain interest groups; on the other hand extracts of recent information are presented, for example events and news, on the home page.

The webpages for certain interest groups 5 are reachable from the home page and also act as web portals: Relevant information from the various different areas of the site is summarised for website visitors.


What kind of navigation possibilities does the website offer?

We have devoted special attention to the navigation options of our website. Besides the webpages for certain interest groups 5 with hyperlinks, we also provide an overview of the entire website 6, as well as making overview pages for the individual areas available. We additionally offer various search options 7, like the general search, staff search, search for research projects etc.


What features exist for people with special needs?

For people with special needs, we offer the following features:

  • Keyboard operation
  • To change the display size
  • Accessibility for users of assistive technologies

Keyboard operation

We have the facilities to offer website users with co-ordination difficulties the option of navigating the site via keyboard only.

With the Tab key, it is possible to jump from one link to the next, and the Enter key opens the desired link:

Click on the Tab key until the first target shows on the screen: "Skip to contents". If you now press the Enter key, you can jump directly in the contents area of the page and navigate further with the Tab key. Click again on the Tab key, the next label 'Main Navigation' will appear, followed by 'Area Navigation'.

To change the display size

Is our default font size too small for you? With almost all modern web browsers, the combination command [Ctrl] + [+] enables you to enlarge the font size, or reduce it with [Ctrl] + [-]. With slightly older browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer 6, this feature is not yet available. Instead, in the 'View' menu you can choose the option 'Font Size' (or 'Text Size' in Internet Explorer 7) and zoom in or out according to your needs.

Accessibility for users of assistive technologies

We have made every effort with our webpage design, as well as our content, to ensure the greatest possible accessibility for people who depend on the use of assistive technologies such as Screenreader. 

Should you encounter any unexpected problems, please do not hesitate to inform us about them via email to the Corporate Communications Unit: E-mail to Corporate Communications

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