Our research projects address various aspects of animal health at the herd level and animal health management.

Our research focus is currently in the areas of

  • digitalization in agriculture
  • physiology and pathology of the bovine genital tract
  • healthy calf rearing

Further research projects deal with, for example, the monitoring of metabolic health and the recording of management practices in dairy farms. Here is a list of the resulting publications 1.

We work together with national and international companies and universities as well as in consortium projects such as FFoQSI and D4Dairy.



Univ.-Prof. Marc Drillich Dipl.ECBHM Dipl.ECAR
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Dipl.-Ing. Anna Grasser
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Isabell Reiter 
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Unit for Herd Health Management at the University Clinic for Ruminants – Vetmeduni Vienna

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