Coronavirus: Current measures for students, teachers and staff

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Foto © Johannes Zinner  1


UPDATE 25.09.2020:
COVID-19 - Stricter measures at the Vetmeduni Vienna

The Federal Government tightened COVID-19 measures by Monday, September 14th, 2020.

What does this mean for Vetmeduni Vienna?
On the campus of the Vetmeduni Vienna and its branch offices, the following applies from Monday, September 14th, 2020.


Mask obligation ("Mund-Nasen-Schutz" MNS)

Wearing a mask is mandatory for all persons on campus (staff, students, guests, staff of contractors, visitors, animal keepers, etc.)

  • in closed rooms in the service sector, when dealing with parties and in animal hospitals with customer contact
  • in general areas or traffic areas and rooms in which sufficient distance cannot be maintained (e.g. corridor area, laboratories, seminar rooms, offices)
  • in social rooms and break rooms
  • when entering the campus through the turnstile
  • when entering a building
  • in the Cafeteria and in the Mensa (exception: at the table)

Still mandatory without exception:

  • for students in classrooms
  • for teachers during the courses (alternative: plexiglas visors)
  • for students and teachers during oral exams 

Recommendation: mask (MNS) throughout the campus


Keep distance

A minimum distance of one meter from other people must be maintained on the entire campus and in all branch offices of the Vetmeduni Vienna!


Compliance with further health and hygiene measures

  • Hand hygiene / disinfection (especially when entering the building or corresponding rooms)
  • Respiratory Hygiene / Cough Etiquette
  • Regular and sufficient aeration of rooms
  • Disinfection of the workplace
  • Refrain from shaking hands and hugs (requirement for alternative forms of greeting)


Events or training courses

A mask (MNS) is mandatory when entering the building, in the traffic areas and when entering the event room. The mask (MNS) can be removed at the seat when a minimum distance of one meter to the next person is ensured.

In addition, there is an upper limit of 50 people for events without seat allocation in closed rooms. The specifications regarding masks (MNS), distance rules as well as health protection and hygiene measures must be observed.


Internal meetings (meetings etc.)

The principle "digital first!" applies – If possible, meetings and discussions should take place online. In case of face-to-face meetings, health and hygiene measures must be observed.


Business trips and vacations

  • Due to COVID-19, business trips should be limited to the minimum necessary. Business trips that are necessary for teaching and research at Vetmeduni can still be carried out. Pay attention to the health protection and hygiene measures. If a business trip is urgently necessary, it can only be started in consultation with the respective supervisor and to those countries in which a maximum of 4, but in no case 5 or 6, applies.
  • It is strongly recommended that employees do not take vacations in regions with travel warning 4, 5 or 6. After traveling to countries with travel warning 5 or 6, there may be wage restrictions for sick leave or quarantine-related absence after vacation.
    Note: For current travel warnings, please refer to the Foreign Ministry website 2 under travel warnings before you start your journey.


Incoming students / guest researchers

Independent of the country of origin, mandatory submission of a medical certificate (Annexes B (PDF, 813 KB) 3 and C (PDF, 812 KB) 4 confirming a negative PCR test  which was made no more than 72 hours previously, or the person immediately begins a 10-day quarantine (at home or elsewhere) after entering Austria. Confirmation of the address of the accommodation has to be given, and any related costs must be paid by the person involved. The quarantine can be ended if a PCR test which is made in the meantime is negative.

Electronic submission BEFORE entering the Vetmeduni Vienna premises to international(at) or to the secretarial office of the receiving institution.


COVID-19 risk group

The COVID-19 risk group regulation lists the medical reasons (indications) for a person belonging to the COVID-19 risk group. On the basis of these indications, a doctor can issue a COVID-19 risk certificate.

People who have a very high risk of developing a serious illness are entitled to work from home or to change their working conditions. Activities can be carried out on site after consultation with the supervisor. If this is not possible, you are ultimately entitled to a limited time off work.


Please refer to the COVID-19 guide 5 in the event of suspected COVID-19 cases or if symptoms similar to COVID-19 occur.

Please write to corona(at) for any questions concerning corona.


Further general information since May 2020:

Access to the campus 

The access via Satzinger Weg will remain closed until the end of May. From now on, entry by car is only possible with a valid entry permit. Issued passes are no longer valid.

Animal Hospital

You can find all information about the Animal Hospital  here 6

University Library

You can find all information about the University Library  here 7.

Hygiene measures

Please find all COVID-19-measures for the campus and the branch offices of Vetmeduni Vienna in our infosheet 8.


From May 25 the canteen and the Cafeteria will reopen:

Cafeteria: 07:30 – 11:00 Uhr
Mensa/canteen:  11:00 – 14:00 Uhr

Please note the applicable regulations 9 (German version) for catering businesses when using the cafeteria.


The VetShop has reopened on May 4th. Access is possible from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm with mouth-nose-protection and in compliance with the current clearance and hygiene regulations.


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