Press Releases of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

The current press releases of the Vetmeduni Vienna report latest developments and events from the areas of science and research, teaching and the animal hospital of the Vetmeduni Vienna.


Press Releases 2021

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3D’omics: A three-dimensional understanding for improved animal health 2
More effective and more versatile vaccines through bacterial secretions 3
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MERS-CoV induces similar immune response as with SARS-CoV-2 4
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Poultry Aid (PA) – Sustainable capacity development in poultry technology, production, and health to improve livelihoods in Ethiopia 5
One Health: An important concept in the combat against allergies 6
Personality of rhesus monkeys has influence on happiness and welfare 7
Novel poxvirus discovered in crocodile tegus (Crocodilurus amazonicus) 8
Avian fitness: birds go easy on their pectoral muscles 9
Breakthrough: New method for modelling the development of leukaemia 10
The migration of Austrian blackcaps decoded 11
Foot-and-mouth disease: evaluation of control strategies against a potential outbreak 12
Kea: Less dominant behaviour brings about the desired success 13
A reliable early diagnosis of canine hip dysplasia 14
MSI2 – New factor discovered for the development of leukaemia with specific mutations 15
Feeding waste milk to calves can increase antimicrobial resistance 16
Crocodile tears? Crocodilian differ in behavioural tendencies even as hatchlings 17
Elephants do not judge humans 18
Research project: memory and cognition in dormice 19
Extension of “Monarchies and Hierarchies in Shaping Chromatin Landscapes” Special Research Programme 20
New approach explains how protein complexes regulate cancer genes 21
Climate Change and Wildlife: The Limits to Phenotypic Plasticity 22

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