Press Releases of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

The current press releases of the Vetmeduni Vienna report latest developments and events from the areas of science and research, teaching and the animal hospital of the Vetmeduni Vienna.


Press Releases 2018

Foxes in the city: citizen science helps researchers to study urban wildlife 1
Bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV): effective protection possible 2
Study on parasites in dog faeces comes to surprising conclusion 3
The inner clock is always ticking: Svalbard reindeer remain rhythmic even in the constant light of the midnight sun and in the permanent dark of the polar winter 4
Clever craftsmen - tool using cockatoos save effort by making tools of different lengths 5
Trading sex for sleep – aging dormice shorten their hibernation for more reproduction 6
PPR Virus Poses Threat to Conservation 7
Fruit flies adapt to climate change through metabolic rewiring 8
No Japanese quail genetic pollution in captive Common quail in Italy provides pure-bred stock for natural populations 9
Survival signalling mediated by Tyk2 is the Achilles’ heel of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphomas 10
Pigs form a visual concept of human faces 11
Fight or flight? Sexual cycle determines the behaviour of female guinea pigs 12
Important aging mechanism in fish model Nothobranchius furzeri revealed 13
Standard myelofibrosis drug can awaken "dormant" lymphoma 14
By the skin of their teeth: DNA traces reveal what kind of pigs lived in Bronze Age Hallstatt 15
Immunoglobulin E as a promising new form of anti-cancer immunotherapy 16
Flexible instead of one-way track: poison frogs show high flexibility when taking care of their brood 17
The dark side of cichlid fish: from cannibal to caregiver 18
Natural killer cells exhibit increased antitumor activity through CDK8 deletion 19
Study shows late-born hibernators grow more rapidly than early-born counterparts 20
New strategy to target transcription factor STAT5 to combat leukaemia 21
Horse origins turned upside-down 22
Cracking the genetic code for complex traits in cattle 23
New treatment strategies for chronic kidney disease from the animal kingdom 24
Brain training for old dogs: Could touchscreen games become the Sudoku of man’s best friend? 25
Vitamin A in cattle fodder is potentially protecting against cow's milk allergy 26
Free-living greylag geese adjust their heart rates and body core temperatures to season and reproductive context 27
Mammals move less in human-modified landscapes 28
Hunting dogs as possible vectors for the infectious disease tularaemia 29