Press Releases 2015

Lifestyle switching – Bacillus cereus is able to resist certain antibiotic therapies 1
Stroking helps calves develop a better relationship with humans and increases weight gain 2
Gene controls stress hormone production in macaques 3
Dogs give friends food – Familiarity promotes prosocial behaviour 4
Red deer make more out of less food during winter 5
Scientists investigated molecular processes for targeted dog cancer therapy 6
Hibernating primate 7
New and presumably tick-borne bacterium discovered in an Austrian fox 8
Cheesy products – Some online-purchased cheeses are of low quality 9
Reptile pets: Food insects shuttle allergens into homes 10
Physical condition of shelter cats an indicator of housing conditions 11
Maternal influences – The contribution of mare genetics to gestation length and foal sex 12
Mating success for the European Mink – Scientists optimize breeding management 13
Down but not out – Inhibited Tyk2 retains anti-cancer activity 14
Lazing away the summer - Some dormice start their hibernation early 15
Nightly human-fox encounters – Foxes sighted mainly in West Vienna 16
Archaeozoologists open “BoneLab Ephesos” in Turkey 17
Northern bald ibises fit for their journey to Tuscany 18
Wild boars are gaining ground – climate change boosts population growth 19
Riding a horse is far more complex than riding simulators 20
Fateful instinct – Open windows can be dangerous for cats 21
“Cancer Driver Gene” reduces metastasis in prostate cancer 22
Diarrhoea in cats – Intestinal parasites are common cause 23
The rhythm cells must go by – Daily changes in human cells 24
First incidence of koi sleepy disease/carp edema virus in Austria 25
Ceremonial Act and Jubilee Ball of the Vetmeduni Vienna 26
What are you looking at? – Dogs are able to follow human gaze 27
An evolutionary heads-up – The brain size advantage 28
Phages transducing antibiotic resistance detected in chicken meat 29
DNA with self-interest - Transposable element conquers new strain of fly 30
The hairy past - Tail hair as an indicator of behaviour and ecology in horses 31
New combination therapy effective even for larger prostate cancers 32
Early separation of cow and calf has long-term effects on social behaviour 33
Myth of tolerant dogs and aggressive wolves refuted 34
Stomach ulcers in cattle – Bacteria play only a minor role 35
Common enzyme in cosmetics acts as skin allergen 36
Complete camel skeleton unearthed in Austria 37
Female mice do not avoid mating with unhealthy males 38
Listeria screening in public lavatories in Vienna 39
Living in the genetic comfort zone: how to avoid the influence of genetic variation 40
Bacterial Memories – Host influences bacterial metabolism 41
Here's looking at you - Dogs can discriminate emotions in human faces 42
Avian malaria also affects wild birds in Austria 43
Keeping the Kraken asleep: inhibiting CDK6 prevents leukemic relapse 44
Sisters act together - Cichlid sisters swim together in order to reach the goal 45
Dog-human cooperation is based on social skills of wolves 46