Press Releases 2016

Why not having a "savage" christmas time - game meat rich of Omega-3 fatty acids as fish 1
Major Urinary Proteins do not allow kin recognition in male mice 2
Tail hairs reveal dietary choices of three horse species in the Gobi Desert 3
Edible Dormice: The older they get, the more they rejuvenate their cells. 4
Fly larvae clean bee-eater’s nest 5
A further decrease in the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics in Austrian dairy cows is necessary 6
Skilful cockatoos able to shape tools from different materials 7
New findings about the deformed wing virus, a major factor in honey bee colony mortality 8
Compost bedding good for cow claw health 9
Viral particles support prophylactic vaccination against breast cancer 10
Lipid receptor fosters infection of the uterus in bitches 11
New software helps to find out why “jumping genes” are activated 12
Risk to small children from family dog often underestimated 13
Edible dormice: High food availability slows down cell aging 14
Iwan Burgener, new Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine at Vetmeduni Vienna 15
Head partitions reduce stress in goats during feeding 16
Fungus a possible precursor of severe respiratory diseases in pigs 17
Rare fungus product reduces resistance to antibiotics 18
Day-biting mosquito species spreading its range in Austria 19
Female blue tits sing in the face of danger 20
New mechanism activates the immune system against tumour cells 21
Filarial nematodes taking a fancy to Austria 22
Shy wild boars are sometimes better mothers 23
Drug against breast cancer is also highly potent against a frequent form of leukaemia 24
Origin of dromedary domestication discovered 25
Hybrid forms of the common house mosquito may serve as vectors between birds and humans 26
Prestigious distinction for poultry expert Michael Hess from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna 27
Multiple paternity may offer fewer advantages than previously thought 28
ERC Advanced Grant for cancer researcher from Vetmeduni Vienna 29
Female frogs identify own offspring using inner GPS 30
A large brain causes the innate immune system to totter 31
Paula Larenza-Menzies joins Vetmeduni Vienna as Professor of Anaesthesia and Analgesia 32
Paula Larenza-Menzies joins Vetmeduni Vienna as Professor of Anaesthesia and Analgesia 32
Checking the health of captive rhinos 33
When the immune system promotes tumor growth 34
Inhibitory control affects dogs’ problem-solving performance 35
You can teach an old dog new tricks - but younger dogs learn faster 36
Simulator-based Training in Veterinary Medicine: Teaching Animals Increasingly Replaced by Dummies 37