Fields of Research

  • Active and intelligent meat packaging methods

  • Biogenic amines occurring in foods of animal origin

  • Oxidative changes in meat and meat products and options to reduce these (addition of herbs/spices to food commodities or to feeding rations of pigs and poultry) In collaboration with the Institute of Nutrition 1.

  • Antibiotic resistance in food pathogens and commensal flora

  • Interaction between pathogenic and commensal bacterial flora

  • Interaction between foodborne pathogens and the human immune system

  • The effects of gut flora composition on the bacterial ecology of poultry carcass surfaces  and meat

  • The epidemiology of the prevalence of food pathogens in pigs

  • Risk assessment of major biological and physical hazards prevailing in the food chain (including bacterial and other biological hazards, as well as foreign objects.