Research project collaboration

The vast majority of projects are realized through research collaboration with domestic and foreign partners. With EU projects especially, cooperation is a key factor to success. Cooperation with the following institutions has existed since 2005 (confirmed by joint publications and projects):

Domestic (selection)

Prof. M. Müller, Institute for Animal Breeding and Genetics, University for Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (WWTF)
Prof. F. Smulders, Institute for Meat Hygiene, -Technology and Food Science, University for Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Internal funding)
Prof. J.  Köfer, Institute for Veterinary Public Health, University for Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (CD-MOFA, K-Project PVM)
Prof. M. Ehling-Schulz, Clinic for Ruminants and Herd Management, University for Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (BIOTRACER)
Prof. F. Allerberger, Dr. R. Nepf, Departments for Human Medicine and Food Science AGES (CD-MOFA)
Prof. J. Strauss, Fungal Genomics Lab, BOKU Vienna (WWTF)
Doz. Dr. A. Sessitsch, Austrian Institute for Technology, Seibersdorf (CD-MOFA)

International (selection)

Prof. M. Loessner, Food Microbiology Group, ETH Zürich (WWTF)
Dr. J. Hoorfar, Danish Technical University, Copenhagen (Food PCR, BIOTRACER)
Dr. B. Malorny, Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, Berlin (Food PCR, BIOTRACER)
Prof. J. A. Vazquez-Boland, Department for Clinical Veterinary Science, Edinburgh (FWF)
Prof. S. Smole, Biotechnical Faculty, University Ljubljana (ÖAAD, BIOTRACER)
Dr. G. Barker, Food Research Institute, Norwich (BIOTRACER)
Dr. K. Jordan, TEAGASC, Ireland (BIOTRACER)
Dr. A. Dahl, MPI Berlin (CD-MOFA)

Cooperations with Companies (selection)

Sylab GesmbH, Neupurkersdorf (Industry)
Agrana AG, Gmünd (Industry)
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt (CD-MOFA, K project PVM)
AGES GesmbH, Vienna (CD-MOFA, K project PVM)