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Guidebook to the Use of Selected Medicinal Plants and Herbs

This guidebook brings together scientific insights and traditional household remedies; it illuminates what is worth knowing about 50 medicinal plants and gives concrete information as to their application. The goal is to incorporate traditional botanical remedies into modern animal husbandry.
The user-friendly structure of the book allows readers to expand their knowledge about various ways of preparing and using medicinal plants, and to be able to put this into practice. Preparation, storage and use of herbs, including their effect and usage in individual animal species, are described in detail.

"The objective of science nowadays is less the search for new biologically active plants than the investigation and safeguarding of traditional knowledge in light of modern insights. The team of authors is composed of dedicated young researchers and veterinarians who are concerned that the benefits of herbal medicine are made available to animals owners—and especially to their animals. Their wish is nothing more than this: that the many practical applications described in the book lead to a revival in the use of herbal medicine in animals.”
 Dr. Gerhard Plakolm

Working group Herbs and Spices for Livestock and Pets:
Leopold Aichberger, Martina Bizaj, Florian Fritsch, Doris Gansinger, Werner Hagmüller, Isabella Hahn, Alexandra Hozzank,  Veronika Kolar, Elisabeth Stöger

160 pages, many colourful illustrations, ISBN-10:3-200-00663-3, ISBN-13:978-3-200-00663-8

The new edition was recently published and is available at the Institute for € 19,-

Reference work - The Botanical Garden of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Around 250 species of medicinal, aromatic, fodder and poisonous plants grow in the botanical garden of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.

Our garden guide shows the incredible variety with numerous pictures and provides valuable information for identifying the plants and their ingredients.

Available at the Institute for € 24,90