Determination of problems or injuries due to nutritional causes

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Guidelines for sample submission and analytical testing

Sample submission

The sample submission must be accompanied by a printed cover letter.

  • At a minimum, the cover letter must include the following:
  • sender’s name and address
  • sender’s telephone number or email (in case of questions)
  • billing address (if different from the sender’s address)
  • case history and problem to be investigatedtests to be performed

Mailing address for sample submission:

Institut für Tierernährung,


Veterinärmedizinische UniversitätWien

1210 Wien, Veterinärplatz 1

We need sufficient material for analysis! Therefore, please send us at least the quantities listed below for different sample materials:

  • hay or straw: a large shopping bag or small garbage bag
  • grain, pellets or muesli: 1 kg
  • liquid samples: 1 liter
  • dog or cat food: 500 g, or at least 2 cans or 2 small bowlfuls

Please take care to package your sample material in such a way that it arrives at our facility in an undamaged condition. For analyses of mould fungus, the sample material packaging must be air‑permeable (i.e., paper bag or cardboard box).

Inquiry: What is in this food? / Is this food suitable for my animal?

Crude nutrient analysis

  • chemical determination of the following nutrients: water, protein, fat, fibre, ash (minerals)
  • information about the composition of a feedstuff: its nutritional adequacy and whether it meets the legal minimums
  • a basis for calculating rations

If necessary, the following analyses may also be performed: minerals and trace elements, caloric value



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