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K-Project Preventive Veterinary Medicine: Improving pig health for safe pork production

The intentions of the PVM project are

  • to strengthen the national pig production system by bridging the gap between animal health research and food science (integration)
  • to demonstrate the applicability of improved preventive concepts to real pig and pork production settings (translation)
  • to secure the value chain of national pig producers and level up the research impact of food production associated enterprises (competiveness)
  • to control and assess risks associated with the emergence of pathogenic organisms (confidence)
  • to create a harmonized innovation and science space in agroresearch by using the pig chain as a model (sustainability).

Envisaged technological developments:

  • new concepts to improve pig health by improving the feed quality
  • new feed additives to improve pig health
  • to improve the basis of vaccination concepts
  • to improve quality assurance in the post harvest area
  • to develop rapid and simple tests allowing to predict the hygiene in the pork production chain (meat quality) and the safety of the pork with respect to currently important viral and bacterial pathogens